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Jamaica Borders Are Now Open

Jamaica Borders are Now Open

Publish On: Jun 18, 2020
Jamaica Borders are Now Open


Jamaica Borders are Now Open

For Individuals Travelling to Jamaica

All persons intending to travel to Jamaica will need to secure a Travel Authorization before checking in at the airport.The application requires information for the Customs/Immigration Form, information on the intended place of stay or residence and a COVID-19 health questionnaire.

The on-line application is available for JAMAICA NATIONALS at:

The on-line application is available for NON-JAMAICANS at:

The application can be completed in 5 minutes with an immediate response. The airline will need this approval before travellers can check in.The Travel Authorization will also be required before travellers can be landed in Jamaica.

All travellers to Jamaica will need to undergo a COVID-19 PCR/swab test on entry to the island. This will apply to Jamaican Nationals and Visitors alike. During the period June 15 – 30, testing will be done at the international airports, and costs related to the testing will be borne by the Government of Jamaica.

Travellers who return a positive test will be required to be quarantined in a government approved facility, at the traveller’s cost. All travellers are encouraged to travel with health insurance. Results from the swab test are generally available within 24 – 48 hours. During that time, travellers are required to stay in Place at home or at their hotels.

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