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General Information
Jamaican Passport Application Form:

The following are instructions for the completion of the Jamaican passport application form.

  • Top Of Page 1: Ensure the applicant's signature is affixed in the CENTER of the signature box.
  • Section B: Married men and women are to complete.
  • Section C: Indicate the document number and date of issue of your citizenship document
  • Section D: Complete for children under 18 years old.
  • Section E: The parent or legal guardian's signature must be placed beside the minor's signature on the line in this section. Also, the parent giving consent MUST be on the minor's birth certificate. The parent or legal guardian is required to submit a state issued picture identification. Tick the appropriate box in Section E and affix your signature to the signature line.
  • Section F: Must be completed with the name and relationship for your Emergency contacts.
  • Section G: Must be signed by either a Notary Public, Jamaican Honorary Consul or Jamaican Diplomatic/Consular Officer
  • Section H: Complete for Persons who are required to wear headgear for religious purposes.
Notes for Jamaican Passport:
Applicants must appear in person and submit the following documents:
  • Completed application form, click here to get form
  • Current Jamaican Passport
  • Original Birth certificate
  • Original marriage certificate
  • Original Divorce Decree or Death Certificate (where applicable)
  • Deed poll (if applicable)
  • Citizenship Certificate if applicant was born outside of jamaica
  • Police report & valid photo identification if passport is lost or stolen
  • Two full face photographs (photographs for minors must certified),taken within the last 6 months. Do Not wear white or pale shirt or glasses, ears and forehead must be visible. There should be no shadows in the background.
Addition of Married Name or Name change to Machine-Readable Passport:

If you already hold a machine-readable passport, your married name CANNOT be added to that passport. In order for your married name to be included, you will have to apply for another machine-readable passport, supplying your marriage certificate along with the other required documentation. For legal name change, please provide a Deed Poll or other legal documents. Passport processing time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

NB: Only original government issued documents will be accepted.

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